Tony and his crew came out and did a completely professional job!  He even picked up all the wire strippings, and other "waste" from the job site!  A++ Contractor

About Us

Waxhaw Electric Company is owned and operated by Tony Herman, Senior, since 1995.  Tony started working as an electrician over 37 years ago with training from actual on the job experience from master electricians starting in 1971.  He has a strong work ethic that includes doing the job right the first time, and the knowledge to bring this ethic to every job.  

Tony beleaves in hard work, and is willing to go the "extra mile" to make sure the job and contract is completed on time so his customers are up and runniing in as quick of time as possible, with quality workmanship!  

Waxhaw Electric Company operates as a icensed electrical contractor in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Go ahead and write to Tony, or give him a call today, and ask him how his knowledge and work ethics can help you on your next project!