Tony and his crew came out and did a completely professional job!  He even picked up all the wire strippings, and other "waste" from the job site!  A++ Contractor

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.  If you do not see your question here, please contact Tony at Waxhaw Electric Company for help in answering your questions.

Q.  What licensing do you hold, and where can you practice as an
A.  Tony, and Waxhaw Electric Company, hold an Unlimited Electric 
      License in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Q.  Do you accept electronic blueprints or schematics?
A.  Yes, Waxhaw Electric Company can accept both printed and electronic schematics and

Q.  What are your qualifications as an electrician?
A.  Tony has been working as an electrician since 1971, and learned from a Master Electrician
      while working on the job.  He has owned and operated Waxhaw Electric Company as a family
      owner business since 1995.  

Q.  What type of jobs has Tony and Waxhaw Electric Company worked on?
A.  We have worked on jobs as small as repairing a breaker in a panel box to wiring a industrial
      and commercial plants and equipment.

Q.  Is Waxhaw Electric Company insured and bonded?
A.  Yes, Waxhaw Electirc Company carries full insurance for all jobs performed under their license.

Q.  Where and Who may I contact for references to Tony and Waxhaw Electric Company's 
A.  You may see examples of work performed on the Examples of Work page, and you may
      Contact Waxhaw Electric Company to ask for a list of project comparable references.

Q.  What forms and terms of payments does Waxhaw Electric Company offer?
A.  Waxhaw Electric Company currnetly excepts on cash or check, with terms based on contract