Tony and his crew came out and did a completely professional job!  He even picked up all the wire strippings, and other "waste" from the job site!  A++ Contractor

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Professional, Friendly, Experienced, Honest, Hard Working, Great Ethics......

These are all qualities we look for when hiring someone to do a job, whether it's to mow the lawn, baby sit, or to build your companies server farm.  These are also all qualities that Waxhaw Electric Company has been offering in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia as licensed electrical contractors since 1995!  Waxhaw Electric Companies owner and operater, Tony Herman has over 37 years of experience, and offers his services from basic plug and breaker replacement in residential buildings, to motor control centers in industrial plants, to complete commercial services such as stip-mall electrical setups.

Since 1971 Tony, the owner and operator of Waxhaw Electric Company, has been working as an electrician dedicated to customer service, honesty in presenting the problem and solution to the customer, dependability, and the dedication to get the job done, and done right, the first time!

  • Unlimited Electric Service License in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.
  • Experience since 1971 
  • Family owned and operated since 1995
  • Commercial, Industrial, and Residential 
  • Professional and Honest Ethics
We believe in bringing knowledge, honest work ethics, hard work, and substantial experience to every job we are contracted to, without short cuts, additions that are not required, and a personal experience to the job. - Tony Herman